Case Study

Thorp Realty – Esperance, WA

Their underlying problem

With well over 350 properties on their books, property managers were spending 3-5 hours manually completing each inspection.

Their biggest challenges

Too much time spent in the field

Continuously flipping between various digital media platforms meant inspections were slow and clunky.

Hundreds of photos taken in one place

Property managers were taking way too many photos just to collate evidence and lower the legal risk.

Property managers were feeling under pressure and stressed.

Their business-saving solution

360° panorama photos and
comprehensive record keeping

With Pirsee’s high-definition, detail rich panoramas and Smart Condition Reports, they were able to:

  • Significantly cut onsite time.

  • Vastly reduce the total number of photos.

  • Eliminate the need for printed documents.

  • Send automated real time reports to
    all stakeholders.

The game-changing impact

They reduced their inspection time by up to a massive 75%!

“Since commencement we've been impressed with the personal service and the increased productivity this software provides. The Smart Condition Report adds another bow to a responsive product that continues to impress.”

Thorp Realty Pty Ltd

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