Use case for

Entry inspections

Pirsee’s automated digital platform means no more tedious paperwork.

You can now gather all the evidence you need to ensure that future routine and exit inspections run like clockwork.

Explore the entry process

Here’s how to use Pirsee for your entry inspection

  • Choose any of the listed properties on your dashboard, or mobile / web app.


  • Use the capture page to record photos, comments, and condition markers.

  • Capture hi-resolution, colour-rich panoramic photos
    of each room.

  • Edit and update comments and images
    where applicable.

  • Sign off and share the report with both tenants and owners either onsite or in the office.

How does Pirsee improve the entry
inspection workflow?

The capture page

Saves you the hassle of flipping
between different screens and
platforms. Simply swipe through
each item or room and comment
as you go.

The panorama camera

Creates hi-resolution, colour-rich
panoramas in seconds, which can
be shared instantly with both owners
and tenants.

The mobile/web app

Houses everything you need to
start, comprise, and finalise an
inspection - so you can map out
the workday to suit you.

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