Use case for

Exit inspections

Forget trawling through documents, photos and condition statements to assess a property.

Simply copy the entry inspection data straight into the exit report.  Auto-compare images and comments as you go to create an obstacle-free workflow every time.

Examine the exit process

Here’s how to use Pirsee for your exit inspection

  • Choose any of the listed properties on your dashboard, or mobile / web app.


  • Import previous entry inspection panoramas, photos, comments, and condition markers.

  • Compare previous details with comments and photos entered by the tenant.

  • Confirm ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if conditions are / are not
    the same.

  • If previous data is not available, use the capture page to record photos, comments, and condition markers.

  • Assign a follow up to the owner or tenant if conditions are not the same.

  • Sign off and share the report with tenants / owners either onsite or in the office.

How does Pirsee improve the exit
inspection workflow?

One page data

Displays all relevant entry inspection details,
saving you time and the hassle of flipping
between inspections.

On the go to-do lists

Automatically create separate reports for
tenants and owners, avoiding the need to sift
through pages of comments.

The capture page

Lets you swipe through each item and room in the
property, so you never have to leave the page to
finalise the inspection.

The mobile/web app

Houses everything you need to start, comprise, and
finalise an inspection - so you can map out your
workday to suit you.

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