Wish you had more time
in your day?

You got it!

Pirsee’s fast and integrated technology out manoeuvres and outperforms all others.  
That means you can now get all your daily tasks sorted and still get home in time for dinner.

Here’s how you can cut up to 50% of your workload and claim your life back.

Quality over quantity

Use one screen to take fewer high-resolution photos, so you get the perfect amount of quality images every single time.  Never worry about replacing blurred or unscalable pictures again.

Dictate and transcribe

Why fumble with typing when you can simply dictate your notes straight to the app? Easily upload your comments to the cloud to auto-
transcribe audio to editable text.

Fast, easy editing

Of course, the app still lets you type the old-
fashioned way, giving you the opportunity to add or edit text and images – before signing off on the report.

Automated real time reporting

Conveniently send reports to all stakeholders in one fell swoop, while allowing your colleagues to view the live process as you go.

Swipe right and left

Expertly swipe between different items and rooms in the house to make notes, add comments, or insert new images.  Everything is literally at your fingertips.

Smart condition reporting

Both time-saving and environmentally friendly, our paperless reporting system saves your sanity while it saves the planet.  It’s fast, secure, and fully collaborative between multiple tenants.

Take a virtual tour

Want to show a property to an owner or potential tenant but don’t have time to leave the office?  Then simply take them on a pre-recorded virtual tour.  With our high-tech 360° camera, they’ll feel like they’re
already in the room!

Capture all in one

Don’t waste time flipping between programs and apps.  The mobile capture page lets you do
everything in one easy process.  Add photos, make comments, set condition specifications –
you name it!

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