Paperless Property Condition Reports

Wish you could work more efficiently and stay environmentally aware?

Then you’ll love our paperless property condition reporting system.

Simplify routine inspections for your property managers with everything you need for a condition report all in one handy database.

Our property condition reports are perfect for property managers and private landlords.

Routine inspection reports in half the time, with high-quality imagery and detailed notes collated in an automated property inspection report.

Access past property condition reports through your portal streamlining entry and final bond inspections.

Here are our top 3 reasons for getting onboard the paperless property condition report train.

It’s faster

Halve your workload in a heartbeat. Now you can collate, and cloud sync all your data to create digital interactive and downloadable PDF reports.

Plus, it allows multiple property managers or tenants to work on entry reports at the same time.

It’s painlessly automated

Let the app do all the thinking for you.  In fact, it’s so smart, you’ll probably look like the office genius.

Our intelligent software takes care of all the tedious background tasks so you can focus on providing exceptional service.

It creates total accountability

Put everything in black and white so that all those
usual grey areas no longer apply.

Our software logs all contributors allowing property managers to keep track of property inspections.

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